“Unleashing Her Eccentric Style: Lady Gaga’s Intimate Apollo Theater Debut for A-List Fans”

Although much smaller than her usual Las Vegas residency concerts, Lady Gaga still managed to put on an entertaining show at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. The 33-year-old singer and actress made her debut at this iconic venue on Monday, performing for a select group of celebrities and lucky ticket holders who had connections to the event.

Fame monster: Lady Gaga, 33, made her debut at Harlem's Apollo Theater Monday for an intimate show for celebrities and those lucky enough to score tickets from well-connected sources

Lady Gaga, the famous pop singer, recently performed at Harlem’s Apollo Theater for a select group of celebrities and fortunate ticket holders. While she has toned down her unconventional style in recent years to align with her country-themed album Joanne and acting role in A Star Is Born, she brought back her earlier fashion choices during her performance. However, she started her show with a relatively conservative appearance compared to her usual bold looks. She donned a wig of long aquamarine and purple hair, matched with one of her own T-shirts, and complemented her outfit with knee-high black boots and fishnet stockings for a touch of punk. Later during her set, she switched to a sequined choker bodysuit after shedding her T-shirt.

Back to basics: The Born This Way singer opened her show with a reserved look, at least by her standards; pictured with President and Chief Content Officer of SiriusXM Scott Greenstein

Starting from scratch: Lady Gaga began her performance with a more subdued appearance than what she’s known for, standing alongside SiriusXM’s Scott Greenstein.

Blue mood: She arrived at the gig with a wig of long aquamarine and purple hair, which she paired with one of her own T-shirts

Feeling blue: When she made her way to the show, she donned a lengthy wig in shades of aquamarine and purple, and paired it with a T-shirt from her own collection.

Stripped down: She opened the show with a brief set of acoustic and piano versions of her classics

In a nutshell: Gaga kicked off the show with a brief acoustic and piano performance of her classic songs. Her Las Vegas residency, which began in December 2018, showcases two different types of concerts – more intimate ‘jazz & piano’ sets where she reinterprets her own music and jazz standards with minimal arrangements, and bigger ‘Enigma’ shows featuring her popular hits and elaborate light shows with backup dancers. To give her Apollo audience a taste of both, she started with a stripped-down set followed by a full-blown production.

Turning it up: The A Star Is Born actress returned to her campy, theatrical outfits for the longer second set

Raising the volume: The talented actress from A Star Is Born put on a vibrant display with her theatrical outfits during the extended second set.

Gleaming: Gaga (real name: Stefani Germanotta) changed into a shimmering bodysuit adorned with tiny pieces of reflective mirrors

The popstar known as Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, put on a dazzling show in a shimmering bodysuit covered in reflective mirrors during her second set. The A Star Is Born actress returned to her signature campy and theatrical outfits for this part of the performance. She completed the look with powder blue curls styled perfectly and a crown. Despite being best known for her singing abilities, Gaga also showed off her instrumental talents as she played the matching black keytar.

Stylish hairdo: She paired the outfit with carefully coiffed powder blue curls and a crown

Chic hairstyle: Complementing her attire, she adorned her head with elegantly styled and colored light blue curls, topped with a regal headpiece.

Rocking out: Though she's most recognizable for her vocals, Gaga put her instrumental prowess on display as she rocked out on a matching black keytar

Jamming out: While Lady Gaga is best known for her singing, she also showed off her skills on a sleek black keytar as she rocked out.

Leading the way: Gaga was joined by multiple dancers in similarly outrageous outfits

Gaga was accompanied by a group of dancers donning eccentric costumes as she took the lead during the concert. In another segment, the renowned singer changed her hairstyle to a blue bob that was short and chic. She flaunted her toned physique in a tight beige bodysuit featuring exaggerated shoulder pads, which she later removed. The finale of the performance, sponsored by SiriusXM and Pandora, featured a rendition of her hit song Shallow. This Academy Award-winning track was a highlight of the movie A Star Is Born, where Gaga performed it alongside her co-star and director Bradley Cooper.

Costume change: The Poker Face singer switched to a short blue bob for another section of the concert

During the concert, Lady Gaga decided to switch up her look by changing her costume and opting for a short blue bob for a different segment of the show.

Alien attire: She showed a bit more of her trim figure in a slim beige bodysuit with extreme shoulder pads, which she later jettisoned

The outfit worn by the extraterrestrial was quite revealing, accentuating her slender physique. It consisted of a tight-fitting beige bodysuit with exaggerated shoulder pads that she eventually discarded.

Fan favorite: Gaga ended the performance, which will be broadcast by concert sponsors SiriusXM and Pandora, with a version of her song Shallow

One of the highlights of the concert, sponsored by SiriusXM and Pandora, was Lady Gaga’s closing performance. The crowd favorite came when she belted out her hit song “Shallow.”

Solo show: The Academy-award winning track was a show-stopping number in A Star Is Born, during which she performed it with her co-star and director Bradley Cooper

When Lady Gaga performed “The Academy-award winning track” in the movie A Star is Born, it was a mesmerizing moment. She sang it alongside Bradley Cooper, who also directed the film.

Conflict: Gaga having a mock confrontation with a back-up dancer during her show

Gaga engaged in a playful exchange with a backup dancer during her performance, adding some entertainment to the show. After the intense performance, she opted for a more relaxed look as she made her way back to her hotel. Gaga ditched her multiple blue wigs and showed off her blonde tresses that she styled into a peroxide blonde ponytail. She donned gleaming black patent leather boots and decided to go pants-free with only a dark gray Green Day T-shirt to highlight her toned thighs. The singer’s makeup was less dramatic than her stage look, but she still rocked a cat-eye that was admirable.

Dressed down: Following her intense performance, Gaga switched into a much more casual outfit on the way back to her hotel

After an electrifying performance, Gaga opted for a more relaxed look during her walk back to the hotel.

Back to basics: In place of her multiple blue wigs, she returned to her blonde tresses, which she extended with a midriff-length peroxide blonde ponytail

Going back to her roots, she ditched her collection of blue wigs and went back to her original blonde hair. To add some length, she opted for a peroxide blonde ponytail that reached her midriff.

No fuss: She went pants-free, only wearing a dark gray Green Day T-shirt to highlight her trim thighs

No drama: She skipped the pants and rocked a sleek Green Day tee in a dark shade, showcasing her toned legs.

Meow! Her make-up was also more minimal than her stage looks, though she still sported an admirable cat's eye

Purr! Her makeup was more toned down compared to her stage appearances, but she still rocked a killer cat-eye. Lady Gaga was spotted leaving her hotel in an entirely different outfit earlier in the day. She donned an all-black leather ensemble that showcased her toned tummy, after flaunting a stylish biker jacket earlier on. The singer/songwriter wasn’t shy about revealing her shoulders and upper arms with the semi-revealing outfit, which included a rolled-up black leather bandeau top.

Back in black: Lady Gaga was seen leaving her hotel in New York City on Monday in an all-black leather ensemble ahead of a concert at Harlem's iconic Apollo Theater

Lady Gaga was spotted in New York City on Monday wearing an all-black leather outfit as she headed to her concert at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Her outfit consisted of a simple top that highlighted her toned midriff and a high-waisted black leather skirt with an irregularly shaped belt buckle. She completed her look with long black gloves, a black handbag, and platform boots that added to her height. To complete her monochromatic outfit, she wore large black sunglasses and had her bleached blonde hair pulled back into a tight bun.

Skin-baring: Gaga showed off her shoulder and upper arms with the semi-skimpy outfit, which featured a rolled-up black leather bandeau

Gaga flaunted some skin by donning a partially-revealing ensemble that exposed her shoulders and upper arms. The outfit included a black leather bandeau that was rolled up.

Leather fan: The minimal top highlighted her flat midriff, and she paired it with a high-waisted black leather skirt with a prominent and irregularly shaped belt buckle

The leather enthusiast wore a simple yet eye-catching ensemble. Her top was minimalistic, drawing attention to her toned midsection. She matched it with a black leather skirt that was high-waisted and boasted an unusual belt buckle.

Sky high: The Born This Way singer elevated her 5ft1in stature with black platform boots and wore black leather gloves above her elbows

The pop icon known as Born This Way added some height to her 5ft1in frame by sporting a pair of black platform boots. To complete the look, she donned black leather gloves that reached up to her elbows. She certainly looked sky high!

No dice: Though Gaga was on her way to a real performance, fans were left disappointed earlier in the day that a rumored Glastonbury Festival performance with Bradley Cooper was shot down

Unfortunately, it was a no-go for Gaga fans who were hoping to catch her rumored Glastonbury Festival set with Bradley Cooper. Despite heading to a legitimate gig later on, many were left let down.

Abandon all hope: Festival organizer Emily Eavis confirmed the set wouldn't be happening on Twitter

Sorry to break it to you, but it looks like the rumored surprise performance by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the Glastonbury Festival won’t be happening after all. Festival organizer Emily Eavis confirmed this sad news on Twitter. Despite this disappointment, fans were still excited about the possibility of the Joanne singer and her A Star Is Born co-star and director collaborating on stage. Rumors had been circulating that they would perform songs from their Oscar-nominated film during the festival in England from June 26-30. Some fans even suspected a collaboration due to Bradley’s previous secret set at the festival in 2017, which was filmed for the movie.

Star power: Michael Douglas, 74, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, 49, led the stars ahead of Lady Gaga's performance at Harlem's historic Apollo Theater on Monday

Celebrities Michael Douglas, aged 74, and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, aged 49, were among the notable personalities who graced Harlem’s iconic Apollo Theater on Monday, just before Lady Gaga’s scheduled performance.

Matching couple: Neil Patrick Harris showed off a new mustache and a bowler hat, while his husband David Burtka wore a fierce leopard print shirt and a white jacket

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka were a stylish match as they stepped out together. Neil sported a fresh new mustache and topped off his look with a classic bowler hat, while David made a bold statement in a fierce leopard print shirt paired with a crisp white jacket. The couple’s coordinated outfits were a testament to their great fashion sense and undeniable chemistry.

Colorful display: The couple were joined by drag queen William, who flaunted her figure in a two-piece outfit covered in multicolored Keith Haring designs

The couple was accompanied by drag queen William, who looked stunning in a two-piece outfit adorned with vibrant Keith Haring designs. During a television appearance, DJ Edith Bowman teased the audience with a hint of an undisclosed secret. However, festival organizer Emily Eavis put to rest any speculation of a reunion on stage by tweeting that it won’t be happening.

No fuss: Food God Jonathan Cheban arrived in a simple gray-blue T-shirt, which he jazzed up with a diamond encrusted necklace, bracelets and a luxury wrist watch

No drama: Jonathan Cheban, the famous Food God, showed up wearing a plain grayish-blue T-shirt, but added some bling to his outfit with a lavish wristwatch, diamond-studded necklaces, and bracelets.

Flower power: Saturday Night Live star Heidi Gardner was a vision of spring in her pastel floral skirt and matching hair bow

Blonde beauty: Beth Ostrosky Stern, wife to Howard Stern, showed off her lovely long blonde locks over a spotted print gown and a white Gucci handbag

Heidi Gardner, the famous comedian from Saturday Night Live, looked like a breath of fresh air in her pretty pastel floral skirt and a matching hair bow that reflected the essence of springtime. Beth Ostrosky Stern, an accomplished actress and wife to radio star Howard Stern, flaunted her beautiful long blonde locks while sporting a spotted print gown and carrying a stunning white Gucci handbag.

Rocker chic: The Sopranos actor and E Street Band stalwart Steven Van Zandt had on his trademark bandana and a colorful multi-patterned shirt, while his wife Maureen Van Zandt kept things simple with a midnight blue outfit with frilly sleeves

Rock and roll vibe: Steven Van Zandt, known for his roles in The Sopranos and as a member of the legendary E Street Band, donned his classic bandana and a vibrant shirt with multiple patterns. His wife, Maureen Van Zandt, opted for a sleek and elegant midnight blue ensemble with playful frills on the sleeves.

Preaching: Prosperity gospel preacher Joel Osteen wore a navy blazer with a gray–blue shirt, while his wife Victoria Osteen had on an elegant black dress with cut-outs over her short sleeves

During his sermon, Joel Osteen, who is known for preaching the prosperity gospel, donned a navy blazer paired with a grayish-blue shirt. His wife, Victoria Osteen, looked stunning in a black dress featuring cut-outs on the sleeves.

Casual look: Fashion visionary Alexander Wang went with a super casual look for the concert, with a 'Stay Hungry' graphic T-shirt, black shorts and Adidas sneakers

Funny man: Comedian Jim Norton also rocked a low-key look, wearing a gray hoodie over a charcoal shirt and black jeans

Chill dudes: The fashion-forward Alexander Wang opted for a laid-back ensemble at the concert, sporting a graphic t-shirt with the words ‘Stay Hungry’, black shorts and Adidas kicks. Comic Jim Norton also went for a relaxed vibe, donning a grey hoodie over a charcoal shirt and black denim jeans.

Not a drag: Drag queen Alaska Thunderf*** highlighted her washboard abs in a black skirt and bra combo, while wearing an enormous beehive hairdo. She was joined by Ginger Minj, who wore an edgy black blazer opened to reveal her bra

Alaska Thunderf***, a drag queen, showed off her toned abs in a black skirt and bra ensemble paired with a towering beehive hairdo. Ginger Minj was also present, wearing an open black blazer that exposed her bra. In a tweet, Alaska reminded her fans that the movie was playing at a local cinema on Friday. Bowman later claimed that her hinting was inspired by Bradley Cooper’s comments about A Star Is Born during an interview with her. According to Bowman, Cooper told her, “Jackson’s dead!” when she asked him if he and Lady Gaga could perform live.

Fierce fashion: Sharon Needles left her drag look at home, instead wearing a punky metal-studded leather vest and a holey white graphic T-shirt

Floral look: Shangela also went with a more relaxed outfit, wearing a black, beige and pink floral shirt and black pants

Sharon Needles showcased her rebellious side with a metal-studded leather vest and a tattered white graphic T-shirt, leaving behind her signature drag look. Shangela also opted for a casual yet stylish ensemble, donning a floral shirt in black, beige and pink hues paired with black pants. Both queens proved that fierce fashion can come in different forms, from edgy to laid-back.

Stunning style: Drag queen Aquaria showed off a stunning midnight blue rob with black feathered sleeves at the LGBTQ-friendly show

Aquaria, a popular drag queen, donned a breathtaking gown in midnight blue with feathered sleeves in black during an LGBTQ-friendly event. The outfit was truly mesmerizing.

Suited up: American Idol star Adam Lambert went with a classy double-breasted pinstripe suit, which he paired with pink sandals

Icon: Recording industry legend Clive Davis was similarly refined in a black suit with a lime-green tie

Dressed to impress: Adam Lambert, known for his stint on American Idol, donned a sophisticated double-breasted pinstripe suit, and added a pop of color with his pink sandals. Meanwhile, Clive Davis, a veteran in the music industry, looked sharp in his black suit, complemented by a lime-green tie.

Happy couple: Last Week Tonight star John Oliver kept his outfit simple with a navy blue shirt, dark jeans, and a gray baseball cap

The cheerful duo: John Oliver from Last Week Tonight opted for an uncomplicated attire, sporting a navy blue shirt, dark denim pants, and a gray baseball cap.

Baba Booey: Gary Dell'Abate, longtime producer for Howard Stern, went with an all-black polo shirt and jeans combo, and his wife Mary Caracciolo had a similarly monochrome look

Gary Dell’Abate, the veteran producer of Howard Stern, sported a sleek black polo shirt and a pair of jeans. His wife, Mary Caracciolo, also went for a coordinated outfit in all-black attire.

Rocking out: Yoshiki, founder of the band X Japan, rocked out with a long black overcoat, which he paired with knee-high black boots and a white and gray shirt and scar combo.

Yoshiki, the mastermind behind X Japan, showed off his rocker style in a sleek black overcoat, teamed with black knee-high boots and a stylish white and gray shirt and scarf ensemble. During a recent interview, he revealed that he had been in talks with Glastonbury booker Nick Dewey and Emily Eavis about performing on The Park Stage. In addition, the musician apologized for inadvertently fueling rumors about the potential gig on Twitter, taking responsibility for the speculation. “I’m really sorry that this has spiraled out of control. It’s all my fault,” he said.

Mystery set: Bradley Cooper originally performed a 4-minute surprise set at Glastonbury's 2017 edition which was used in A Star Is Born; pictured in 2017

There’s a bit of mystery surrounding Bradley Cooper’s performance at Glastonbury’s 2017 edition. Apparently, he surprised everyone by performing a 4-minute set. And it turns out that this performance was used in the movie A Star Is Born. Interesting, right?

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