“Unleashing Her Creativity: Hailey Bieber Inspires Victoria’s Secret’s Newest Campaign with Self-Expression”

Hailey Bieber has had a pretty eventful year so far. Apart from introducing her beauty brand, Rhode, and making a bold fashion statement at the Met Gala, she has also been sharing a lot about herself. Behind her flawless skin and designer outfits, she has been quite candid.

Bieber has joined forces with several popular social media stars for Victoria’s Secret So Obsessed campaign. Alongside Devon Lee Carlson of Wildflower Cases, body positivity activist Paloma Esseler, and supermodels Justine Skye and Jasmine Sanders, they represent the new wave of Victoria’s Secret consumers who embrace diversity in body types and expressions of Sexuality. They are the unofficial angels of a younger generation that celebrates individuality.

Victoria’s Secret, a lingerie brand originally from the United States, has recently faced criticism for promoting outdated beauty standards and lacking diversity. However, the brand has undergone a transformation, adopting a new approach that is described by model Hailey Bieber as “authentic.” The brand’s latest campaign, So Obsessed, features images of Bieber in a relaxed setting, sitting comfortably on a couch with low lighting. This is a stark contrast to Victoria’s Secret’s previous campaigns, which often featured their models in tight-fitting, lacy garments. Bieber is currently serving as her own inspiration for the campaign.

The sH๏t model was featured in a GLAMOUR exclusive photo, showcasing the Push-Up Bra in Rasberry Cooler from the So Obsessed collection. Despite shedding its highly-glamorized 2000s-era image, the lingerie brand continues to offer fun colors and prints in the new collection. However, the brand now embraces the modern woman’s need for support, lifting, and care. Victoria’s Secret has taken a woman-first approach in recent months, such as introducing the VS&Co Essentials program, providing quality undergarments to young women and adults. So Obsessed is just another example of the brand’s transition towards a new and improved image.

Glamour magazine’s So Obsessed campaign had an array of interesting and popular women. It must have been exciting for you to work with such a team of strong women who exude confidence and come in all shapes and sizes. How was the experience?
Hailey Bieber expressed her joy at being able to work alongside these fantastic and stunning ladies. She was thrilled about the way they supported one another and celebrated each other’s achievements.

For many girls, buying their first bra is a significant milestone in their lives. Do you have any interesting anecdotes from your first bra shopping experience?
Hailey shared that she had difficulty finding bras that fit well when she was young. However, she feels confident and secure in her body when she can find the right size, fit, and comfortable materials.

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