“Throwback Temptress: Demi Lovato heats up summer tour with risqué 90s swimsuit at pool party”

Get ready to feel the heat as we bring you some scintillating news! Demi Lovato made heads turn with her sizzling performance at a pool party in Florida’s Miami Beach. The young singer didn’t shy away from flaunting her toned figure and opted for a revealing but vintage onsie instead of the popular low cut bikinis. The Fontainebleau resort was the perfect backdrop for her steamy bathing suit act.

Hitting a high note: Demi Lovato was not afraid to bare a lot of skin on Thursday as she performed at a pool party in Miami Beach, Florida

Demi Lovato made quite a statement during her recent performance at a pool party in Miami Beach, Florida. The singer confidently showed off her toned figure while promoting her latest single, “Cool For Summer”. Her outfit consisted of a eye-catching pink and blue tie dye high cut swimsuit designed by Brian Lichtenberg, which she paired with plaid shorts tied around her waist like a flannel shirt. Lovato definitely turned up the heat and proved that she’s not afraid to bare some skin.

Not shy: Promoting her new single Cool For Summer, the star turned up the heat as she flashed some expected flesh

Uninhibited: Generating buzz for her latest release, Cool For Summer, the celebrity amped up the temperature by revealing some anticipated skin.

Not hard to spot: Stepping out on stage, the pop star was unmissable in a pink and blue tie dye high cut one piece but celeb-loved designer Brian Lichtenberg

The pop star made quite a statement when she took to the stage in a high cut one piece that was hard to miss with its bright pink and blue tie dye design. The outfit was created by renowned designer Brian Lichtenberg, who is loved by many celebrities. To make her already daring look even more bold, the star paired it with a pair of black leather and perspex heeled shoes. Fans who were watching from the pool couldn’t help but have fun as Demi danced around and showed more of her skin with the one piece moving up her hips. The star appeared to be getting too hot while dancing to her latest hit and decided to take a dip in the pool with her devoted fans.

Not done there: The former Disney star wore the swimsuit with a pair of plaid shorts that tied around her waist like a flannelette shirt

The ex-Disney celebrity donned a bathing suit and combined it with plaid shorts that were fastened around her waist, similar to how one would tie a flannel shirt.

Party time: After getting rather hot and bothered dancing around to her new track, the star could not help but join her adoring fans in the pool

Time to celebrate: As she got all worked up and excited with her latest track, the celebrity couldn’t resist taking a dip in the pool with her beloved fans.

Say cheese: Making her splash, Demi was near mobbed as fans surged forward to snap a picture with the star

Cheese! Demi caused a commotion as fans eagerly approached her to take photos with the superstar. Despite the risk of ruining her designer outfit, the confident brunette joyfully cannonballed into the water. Crowds surrounded her, eager to capture a snap with the star. While many celebrities would cringe at the thought of soaking their hair and make-up, Demi fearlessly took the plunge and emerged drenched and undaunted.

Curves ahead: The back of the body suit turned bathing suit also showed off a lot of skin

Get ready to embrace your curves with this unique backless swimsuit that doubles as a bodysuit. The design showcases plenty of skin, making it the perfect choice for those looking to flaunt their figure.

That's a warp: Once she had cooled off, the Skyscrapers actress wrapped herself up on a big fluffy pink robe and posed up on the red carpet

That's a warp: Once she had cooled off, the Skyscrapers actress wrapped herself up on a big fluffy pink robe and posed up on the red carpet

After calming down, the female lead of Skyscrapers donned a luxurious pink robe and elegantly posed for the cameras on the red carpet. And with that, the scene was complete.

Cherry pie: The 22-year-old happily hammed it up for the photographers in her personalised robe

Demi, the 22-year-old actress from Skyscrapers, posed for photographers in a personalized, fluffy pink robe after cooling off. The back of the robe was embroidered with the name of her new single, and Demi glowed as she hammed it up for the cameras despite washing away all of her glam squad’s hard work. She slicked her hair back to showcase her defined cheekbones and pouty lips. Following her performance, swim, and meet and greet with fans, the songstress had little time to rest as she was quickly flown to her next promotional stop in Atlanta, Georgia on a private jet.

Wet and wild: The star glowed despite almost washing away all her glam squad's hard work, with the star slicking her hair back so her defined cheek bones and pouty lips were even more apparent

Drenched yet dazzling: The celebrity shone bright despite the fact that a large portion of her makeup team’s efforts were nearly ruined by the rain. She opted to slick back her hair, accentuating her striking cheekbones and luscious lips.

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