“Shakira’s Latest Beach Snapshot Leaves Fans Spellbound: ‘Her Mesmerizing Hips Steal the Show'”

Shakira showcased her impeccable style on Labor Day by not only displaying her stunning figure in a new lavender bikini with fringe accents but also exhibiting her fashion designing abilities. The photo of the Colombian singer has created quite a buzz, and you can check out the reactions on Billboard. As always, Shakira proves that her hips truly don’t lie.

On Instagram, she shared her excitement about her new swimwear design, which was made by her friend Bego. She loves to create her own bathing suits every summer, and this one is no exception! The post quickly went viral, receiving three million likes in just three hours, according to the @ShakiraStuff Twitter account. As of now, the photo has almost five million likes. Fans of Shakira were quick to react on social media, with many proclaiming her as the “sexiest woman in the world” and others asking for her beauty secrets at 43 years old.

In a recent interview, Shakira was asked if she thinks her career would have been different if she wasn’t as beautiful. She acknowledged that some of her favorite singers weren’t conventionally attractive, like Pavarotti who was not in the best shape. However, she also stated that beauty can be a good ingredient if used wisely in the whole recipe. She emphasized the importance of flavor and comfort in addition to beauty and cautioned against relying solely on one-dimensional beauty which can get old quickly. Shakira’s thoughtful response highlights the significance of a multi-dimensional approach to success.

Shakira’s Instagram account stands out from other celebrities’ pages as it does not feature revealing bikinis or skin show. The singer shares pictures of her work projects, such as hosting NBC’s “Dancing With Myself” competition. Additionally, she regularly posts about being a proud mom to her two young sons, Milan and Sasha, whom she shares with her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, who is a soccer star for FC Barcelona.

The couple first crossed paths during the 2010 World Cup. They made their relationship official in 2011, after which Shakira’s clothing choices started to cover more skin than when she was known as a football WAG and a mother. However, in the period leading up to their unexpected split announcement in June 2022, Shakira was increasingly flaunting her toned physique. In late May, she stepped out in a revealing black strapless dress for the Cannes Film Festival, and earlier on, she sported a Sexy red strapless crop top during promotions for “Dancing With Myself.” Clearly, Shakira is feeling confident in her skin once again and it’s evident in her fashion choices.

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