Roaring with pride: Demi Lovato joins the lion tattoo trend (with a twist)

Despite already having over 20 tattoos, Demi Lovato has found space for yet another addition to her body art. The 24-year-old singer revealed on Tuesday night that she had added a giant lion tattoo on the top of her left hand, further expanding her already extensive collection.

One more: Demi Lovato added to her very extensive tattoo collection on Tuesday night

On Tuesday night, Demi Lovato added another tattoo to her already extensive collection. She made the decision to get inked after attending the Time 100 Gala and went straight from the red carpet to the tattoo artist’s chair. The lion design may look familiar as it was created by celebrity artist Keith ‘Bang Bang’ McCurdy, who also designed a similar lion tattoo for model Cara Delevingne’s finger. Delevingne’s lion tattoo has become a signature for her since getting it in 2013, becoming one of the most popular tattoos on Instagram and one of the most sought-after designs in the last ten years.

King of the jungle: The 24-year-old singer got a giant lion tattoo that covered the entire top of her left hand

The young artist, aged 24, recently acquired a massive lion tattoo that spans the entirety of her left hand, earning her the title of “king of the jungle.”

Big Night: Demi decided to get the ink late after attending the Time 100 Gala, going from the red carpet to the tattooist chair

During the Big Night, Demi made an impulsive decision to get a new tattoo after attending the Time 100 Gala. However, she is not the only celebrity with wildlife-inspired ink. Justin Bieber also recently added a lion design to his chest, alongside a giant bear on his other pectoral muscle. Despite the design being seen before, Demi shared her excitement about her new ink by posting some snaps on Snapchat.

Lion club: If the lion ink looks familiar, it is because it was created be celebrity artist Keith 'Bang Bang' McCurd who became one of the most in demand tattooists in the world after creating a very similar lion design for model Cara Delevingne's finger (pictured 2013)

The lion design on this tattoo may seem recognizable, and that’s because it was crafted by the popular artist Keith ‘Bang Bang’ McCurd. He has become a highly sought-after tattooist worldwide after creating a similar lion pattern for model Cara Delevingne’s finger back in 2013.

Famous feline:The lion on the British star's digit has become somewhat of a signature since she got it back in 2013

The British celebrity’s finger tattoo of a lion has gained recognition as her personal trademark ever since she got it in 2013.

Cub master: And Cara is not the only one with the king of the jungle on her body, Justin Bieber recently enlisted Bang Bang to add the image on his chest

The leader of the Cub Scouts mentioned that Cara is not the sole person who has a lion tattoo on her skin. He revealed that Justin Bieber also sought the services of Bang Bang to have the same image inked on his chest.

GRRR: Justin debuted his ink last month alongside a giant bear on his other pectoral muscle

Last month, Justin showed off his latest tattoo which featured a large bear on one of his pectoral muscles. Alongside this, Demi Lovato also received a new piece of ink from her long-time tattooist, Bang Bang. The artist shared a picture on Instagram, thanking Demi for her trust and noting that sometimes the canvas can make the art. This isn’t the first time that Demi has worked with Bang Bang, as he has previously created over 20 tattoos for the singer. Just last September, he added two more large pieces to her growing collection.

Not happy: Despite her tattoo's similarities with other celebrities - and that she used the same artist - Demi was not impressed at the comparisons 

Dissatisfied: Demi wasn’t pleased when people compared her tattoo to the ones of other famous personalities, even though she had the same artist.

The man behind the gun: Artist Bang Bang also shared an Instagram snap of his finished work saying, '[Demi] sometimes the canvas makes the art ;) Thank you for your trust'

The artist known as Bang Bang recently shared an image on Instagram showcasing his most recent work. He had the pleasure of inking Demi Lovato, and he expressed his gratitude for her trust in him. He added that sometimes the canvas plays a big role in creating a masterpiece. In addition to tattooing two large roses on her wrist, he also created a massive dream catcher design that covered her side. Bang Bang is a highly sought-after artist by celebrities on the East Coast, thanks to his impressive portfolio, which includes Rihanna’s first-ever tattoo. Since then, he has inked her more than once.

The ink that started it all: Bang Bang has long been the celebrity go-to artists on the East Coast after his work with Rihanna made Hollywood take notice

Bang Bang is the tattoo artist who initiated the trend. He has been the preferred choice of many celebrities on the East Coast ever since he worked with Rihanna, which caught the attention of Hollywood.

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