“Releasing toxins through Bikram yoga: Lady Gaga’s sweaty whiskey detox session”

It appears that Lady Gaga’s love for whiskey has no limits. However, she follows a specific rule despite her drinking habit – sweating it out. The 28-year-old pop icon took to Instagram to share a steamy snap from her Bikram yoga session in New York City on Tuesday, stating that she starts her day feeling strong by sweating out the whiskey from the previous night’s jam session.

Releasing the toxins: Lady Gaga shared a photo of herself sweating out whiskey during a Bikram yoga class in New York City on Tuesday

Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself in the midst of a Bikram yoga class in New York City on Tuesday, where she was seen sweating out whiskey. In addition to showcasing her toned figure in a black bra and leopard underwear, Gaga also pointed out her abandoned hairpiece, which was placed on the floor to her left. The singer thanked her fitness instructor, Tricia Donegan, for leading the class at her studio in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Meanwhile, her hair was styled up in a bun, revealing her natural dark tresses.

Her drink of choice: The singer isn't shy about her love of whiskey - spotted drinking the favoured liquor at the Fashion Media Awards in 2013

The singer has a fondness for whiskey, which was evident when she was spotted enjoying the beverage at the Fashion Media Awards back in 2013. It seems that Gaga is now getting ready to do the Warrior 3 pose while standing on a towel in a heated room, with two towels laid out for her practice. In 2011, she mentioned how drinking whiskey helped her release toxins, and it seems like she still follows the same routine. She even joked about being on a “drunk diet” during an interview with Sirius radio, stating that she likes to drink whiskey while working. However, she ensures that she works out every day, even if she’s hungover.

Happy: Mother Monster posted this picture of herself smiling on stage with Tony Bennett, left, on Tuesday

Joyful: The fabulous Mother Monster shared a delightful photo on Tuesday featuring herself flashing a wide grin while performing alongside the legendary Tony Bennett.

On Tuesday, Lady Gaga shared a photo of herself performing with Tony Bennett and appeared to be in good spirits. She expressed how happy she was to see her smile return and credited her supportive team, crazy friends, and loving family for that. Gaga also showed appreciation for her fans by sharing a photo of herself with a fan who got tattoos inspired by her. She called him a “monsterf*cker” and gushed over his beautiful moments and admiration for her.

Thank you, little monsters! The artist also tweeted this photo to gush about one of her fan's (left) tattoos, which were created in her honour

Thanks a lot, dear little monsters! A snap of one of her fans’ tattoos (on the left) dedicated to Lady Gaga was also shared by the singer on Twitter, praising the impressive artwork.

Having a wheel-y nice time: Gaga was spotted out and about with her friends as she went for a drive in her Chevrolet El Camino on Wednesday

Gaga had a great time rolling around town with her pals in her Chevrolet El Camino on Wednesday, as observed by onlookers.

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