“Parisian Chic: Demi Lovato’s Bold Fashion Statement in a Striking Cage Dress”

Demi Lovato has graced the streets of Paris with her fashionable presence. The popular singer looked incredibly confident as she walked around in a daring black cage dress that covered a mini skirt and white crop top. She completed her stylish ensemble with a chic Celine handbag, reflective shades, high heels, and sleek hair. Check out the video below to see her amazing look.

Hello, Paris! Demi Lovato was spotted in France this week while promoting her new album, Confident 

Greetings, Paris! Demi Lovato was recently sighted in the French city while promoting her latest album, Confident.

Stepping out in style: The singer wore an edgy cage outfit over a white mini and crop top

Stepping out in style: The singer wore an edgy cage outfit over a white mini and crop top

Looking fabulous: The artist donned a bold cage ensemble with a crisp white mini skirt and crop top.

In order to promote her new album, appropriately titled “Confident,” the 22-year-old singer is currently in France. Despite her busy schedule, she managed to make a stop at the Louvre to indulge in some art and culture. Demi has been open about her struggles with an eating disorder, self-harm, alcohol, and drug abuse which led her to seek treatment in rehab back in 2010. In a recent interview, she shared that being sober allows her to experience everything on a heightened level, including stress. She explained that while watching scary movies or visiting haunted houses used to be boring, now she feels more vulnerable and affected by them.

It's Celine, darling! Demi carried a designer handbag for the outing 

Hey there, it’s me, Celine! Demi was spotted carrying a fancy designer purse during her recent outing. In an interview, she opened up about how getting sober has made her more emotional and in touch with her feelings. She questioned the idea of constantly chasing the next party and always being numb, wondering if that’s something to be proud of. These days, she feels more confident about her place in the music industry and believes that both glamorous and non-conforming artists are needed. While some may fit into the first category, Demi proudly identifies as the second, preferring cozy sweats over high heels for everyday errands like grocery shopping at Whole Foods.

Sightseeing time! She was also spotted making a trip to the Louvre museum 

It’s time for some sightseeing! She was seen paying a visit to the famous Louvre museum.

A smile and a wave: She seemed in great spirits during the promotional tour

With a cheerful smile and a friendly wave, Demi appeared to be in high spirits as she embarked on her promotional tour. However, a few hours later, she was seen at Heathrow Airport in London, looking more relaxed and laid-back. It seemed like the busy star was still promoting her hit track “Cool for the Summer” as she wore a flattering black V-neck shirt paired with a comfy-looking Zadig & Voltaire sweater in black and grey that went all the way down to her knees. To complete the look, she also wore a tee underneath it all.

Laid-back: Later on Monday Demi showed off her more casual style as she arrived at Heathrow Airport in London

Laid-back: Later on Monday Demi showed off her more casual style as she arrived at Heathrow Airport in London

In a relaxed fashion, Demi exhibited her casual attire when she landed at Heathrow Airport in London on Monday.

Styled from head to toe: The chic star flashed a coordinating pedicure in a pair of black, peep toe ankle booties

The fashionable celebrity showcased a matching pedicure while wearing black ankle booties with peep toes. Demi revealed her sculpted legs in tight, distressed black jeans and completed the simple yet sophisticated outfit with the same pair of booties. Her dark hair was tied back, and she seemed to have opted for minimal makeup during her travels. Carrying a chic leather bag, she shielded her eyes with classic wayfarer-style sunglasses and greeted passersby with a friendly smile and wave as she strolled through the terminal.

Putting in the leg work! Demi showed off her hard-earned, toned pins in a pair of skintight, distressed black jeans

Demi displayed her well-built and toned legs in a pair of tight, ripped black jeans that she earned through hard work.

In good spirits: The hitmaker smiled and waved as she made her way through the airport in her comfortable yet chic ensemble 

With a cheerful demeanor, the popular musician grinned and greeted onlookers while effortlessly strolling through the airport in her stylish yet cozy outfit.

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