“Kylie Jenner Stuns in Vibrant Yellow Tresses and Flattering Hourglass Dress”

Kylie Jenner is known for her confidence in showcasing her fashion sense to her 156 million followers on Instagram. Recently, the 22-year-old entrepreneur debuted a vibrant yellow hairstyle and confidently displayed her stunning physique in a tight-fitting Lycra mini dress in shades of grey and blue.

Hot mama: Kylie Jenner was certainly seeing a new hue as she debuted fresh yellow tresses to her 156million followers on Instagram

Kylie Jenner has captured the attention of her 156 million Instagram followers by flaunting her fresh new look with yellow hair. She looked stunning in a long-sleeved grey dress with an intriguing blue snakeskin print that was hemmed high to reveal her thighs. The outfit also featured a fingerhole across her hand. To complete her fashion statement, she wore diamond baubles on her fingers and a sparkling bracelet and watch on her wrist. It’s no surprise that the queen of social media knows how to make an impact.

Beauty: The 22-year-old billionaire didn't miss an opportunity to show off her incredible figure as she posed in a grey and blue Lycra minidress.

She showed her support by wearing a grey and blue Lycra mini dress, and the 22-year-old billionaire flaunted her stunning figure with great enthusiasm.

A look: Stormi's mom sported a slew of diamond baubles on her fingers to match a sparkling bracelet and watch on her wrist

Stormi’s mom had an impressive collection of diamond rings that complemented her shiny bracelet and watch. The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians held a small leather bag in one hand and flaunted her golden manicure. She styled her long, yellow hair straight and flowing down her back, with flawless makeup accentuating her features. Khloe Kardashian couldn’t resist complimenting her sister on social media, generating almost 6,000 likes with the comment “I know! I know! You’re stunning! Even with yellow hair.”

Mood: Her long, yellow hair was worn straight and cascaded down her back, with impeccable makeup to highlight her features

Her hair was straight and long, flowing down her back in a vibrant shade of yellow. Her features were perfectly accentuated by her immaculate makeup.

Fun: She played around with a few butterfly filters on her Instagram story while showing off her Saturday look

She had a fun experience playing with butterfly filters on her Instagram story, showcasing her Saturday outfit. Even Norman commented on the seductive post, saying she threw her phone. In addition to the butterfly filters, Kylie Cosmetics proudly showcased her immaculate pink manicure and brand new Louis Vuitton slippers.

Baby pink toes: The Kylie Cosmetics founder also boasted about her perfectly pink manicure and a new pair of plus Louis Vuitton slippers

Kylie Jenner proudly displayed her cute baby pink toes, as well as her flawless pink manicure, and a fresh pair of Louis Vuitton slippers.

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