Katy Perry’s Sultry Beach Look: Barely-There Swimsuit Steals the Show During Mexico Getaway

Katy Perry is known for her bold fashion choices, and she didn’t disappoint while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She wore a sheer nude swimsuit that left little to the imagination, with only an all-in-one piece in a similar shade providing some coverage. Despite the revealing nature of the outfit, Katy appeared unfazed as the wind caused the design to ride up. The plunging neckline accentuated her ample assets and the form-fitting design highlighted her slender frame. Katy completed her beach look with cat-eye shades and a large floppy hat that concealed her newly dyed bleach blonde pixie crop.

Sheer: The singer's nude swimsuit left little to the imagination as it clung to her incredible frame and teased a look at her bare body underneath

Sheer: Katy’s choice of a nude swimsuit was daring, revealing her stunning figure and offering an enticing glimpse of her bare skin underneath.

Flirty design: Katy appeared unfazed by the revealing nature of her dress as she playfully lifted it up while dipping her toes into the sea.

Peachy: Katy's swimsuit gave other beach-goers a good look at her pert posterior as it clung to her figure after being sodden through by the waves 

Katy looked stunning in her swimsuit, with her figure accentuated by the waves that had soaked through it. She was clearly enjoying her break from work, and her cheery disposition was evident as she frolicked on the beach. Opting for a natural look, Katy went make-up free and added a touch of glamour to her outfit with a chunky silver necklace. Along with sunbathing and swimming, she also took some moments to herself to read, posing on a rock engrossed in the book The Destruction of Hillary Clinton.

Holiday read: As well as topping up her tan and taking a dip to cool off from the no doubt soaring temperatures, Katy was also seen taking some time out to indulge in a book 

While enjoying the sunny weather, Katy took a break from swimming and sunbathing to indulge in some light reading. It’s great to see her taking some time for herself during her vacation.

Rocky point: Her friend took a photo of her posing on a rock which Katy had later shared with her Instagram followers

Katy struck a pose on a rock at Rocky Point and her friend captured the moment in a photo. She decided to share this picture with her followers on Instagram.

Busty display: Katy's revealing beach attire put her ample assets firmly on display thanks to its plunging design

Daring display: The Waking Up In Vegas singer couldn't have cared who was watching as she enjoyed every moment of her recent break

Fearless flaunt: The songstress behind Waking Up In Vegas was completely unbothered by any onlookers as she relished in every second of her recent getaway.

Carefree: Flaunting her natural beauty for the beach outing, Katy decided to step out make-up free for her beach outing

Unconcerned about impressing anyone, Katy confidently showcased her bare, natural complexion during her trip to the beach. She chose to forego any makeup and embraced her own unique beauty.

Relaxed: Appearing in high spirits, Katy seemed to be enjoying a break from her busy working schedule and she was all smiles as she made the most of being by the sand and sea

Relaxed: Appearing in high spirits, Katy seemed to be enjoying a break from her busy working schedule and she was all smiles as she made the most of being by the sand and sea

Katy looked like she was having a great time taking a break from her packed work schedule. She wore a smile on her face and appeared to be in good spirits as she relished the opportunity to spend time at the beach.

Soaking it up: Katy was beaming from ear-to-ear as she took a moment to herself while sitting in the break of the waves

Enjoying the Moment: Katy had a big smile on her face as she sat in the midst of the waves, taking some time for herself and savoring the experience.

Drying off? Katy didn't seem to mind flaunting her figure as she attempted to dry the skirt of her swimsuit in the sunshine

Katy didn’t seem to care about showing off her body while trying to dry her swimsuit in the sunlight. She’s embracing her newly single status and enjoying a vacation with her girl pals. Katy ended things with Orlando Bloom in March, but the two have made it clear that their break up was peaceful. A spokesperson for the couple released a statement, saying they were taking “respectful, loving space” from each other. Katy confirmed on Twitter that there was no hard feelings between them, and Orlando has also stated that they remain friends. In an interview with ELLE UK, he said, “We’re friends, it’s all good. We’re grown up.”

Girly trip: Katy was joined by a bevy of binki-clad friends as she soaked up the sunshine overseas

Girls’ getaway: Katy enjoyed some quality time with her squad of bikini-clad pals as they basked in the warmth of the tropical sun abroad.

Single and happy! The Hot and Cold songstress appeared to be dancing in the sunshine with a pal 

Enjoying the single life! The talented singer known for her hit song “Hot and Cold” was spotted dancing under the bright rays of the sun with a friend.

Larking about: The beauty appeared to make her pals laugh with her impromptu dance moves on the sand

Having fun: The gorgeous lady seemed to have amused her friends with her spontaneous dance steps on the beach.

Dancing about: Ever the performer, she appeared to put on a mini-show for her girlfriends during their beach jaunt

Description of Dancing: Putting on a mini-show for her girlfriends during their trip to the beach, she never fails to entertain her audience. In the aftermath of his breakup with Katy, Orlando aims to set a positive example for younger generations. He believes that it’s best to keep personal matters private and instead focus on demonstrating that break-ups don’t have to be bitter and filled with hate. Despite having a few concerts lined up for this month, Katy is taking advantage of her downtime to relax. She is set to perform at California’s Wango Tango event on May 14th and then Hull, England’s Radio 1’s Big Weekend Hull 2017 on May 27th.

Flaunting her best assets: She again teased a look at her behind as she leant over a bar while quenching her thirst 

Showing off her finest features once again, she playfully revealed a glimpse of her backside as she leaned over a bar to enjoy a refreshing drink.

Going over your lines? Katy's break comes before she is set to perform at Wango Tango in California on May 14, before then heading off to Hull in England for Radio 1's Big Weekend Hull 2017 on May 27

Practicing your script? Katy has a little downtime before her Wango Tango gig in California on May 14th, then she’ll be jetting off to Hull, England for Radio 1’s Big Weekend Hull 2017 on May 27th.

Rear-ly nice view: Katy's swimsuit did little to hide her derriere as she relaxed on a sun-lounger

The view from behind was quite impressive as Katy lounged in her swimsuit, which didn’t do much to conceal her ample derriere.

Katy Perry has dropped her latest single “Bon Appétit” featuring hip hop group Migos and is set to release her new album after being away for four years. There have been rumors that the album will contain a response to Taylor Swift’s song “Bad Blood,” which was said to be about the two pop stars, but Katy teased that it wasn’t her place to say if the song is about her. However, she did reveal that her new album is a powerful one and does not call out any specific person. In other news, Calvin Harris, Taylor’s ex, has announced that he has worked with Katy on a new song.

Happy days: Katy has also recently released her latest single featuring hip hop group Migos, Bon Appétit, as she prepares to release her new album after a four year hiatus

Katy Perry is having a great time as of late. She just dropped her newest single, which features the popular hip hop group Migos and is called “Bon Appétit”. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of her new album, which is set to come out after a four-year break. All in all, things are looking up for Katy Perry!

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