Express Fashion enlists Hailey Baldwin to showcase toned physique in workout attire shoot

It’s not easy to transform a sidewalk into a stylish runway, but Hailey Baldwin managed to do just that during her recent photo shoot with EXPRESS in New York. The 19-year-old model looked stunning in workout attire, despite allegedly just leaving the gym. Her confident and captivating strut certainly caught the attention of onlookers. Watch the video below to see the action.

Firm favourite: It is easy to see why EXPRESS  chose Hailey Baldwin to star in their new ad campaign in New York on Wednesday

The new ad campaign for EXPRESS in New York featured Hailey Baldwin as the star, and it’s no surprise why she was chosen. She looked fantastic in her EXP Core Performance workout top, skintight bottoms, and a pricey pair of trainers. Hailey proudly flaunted her toned abs which were undoubtedly the result of her dedication to hitting the gym regularly. However, it was her amazing backside that really caught everyone’s attention. The spectacular spandex trousers showcased her delightful derriere perfectly. Stephen Baldwin is Hailey’s father, but he is considered the odd one out in their family due to his support for Republican politicians.

She looks fit: The model took great delight in flaunting her ripped physique for the excited photographers

The photographer captured the model’s toned body as she happily showed it off for the cameras. Her physical fitness was clearly on display, and she seemed to enjoy posing for the enthusiastic photographers.

Ready for her close up: A strapping young gentlemen checked the light levels before shooting began

Geared up for her moment in the spotlight, a handsome young man double-checked the lighting conditions just as the filming was about to kick-off.

Ab-solutely fabulous: No doubt Hailey is a staunch advocate for crunches, planks and healthy eating

Absolutely Marvelous: It’s clear that Hailey is a strong advocate for staying fit with exercises like crunches and planks, as well as maintaining a healthy diet. While she’s often seen hanging out with her fashionable friend Kendall Jenner, Hailey strutted her stuff solo on the sidewalk. After spending some time in Mexico with her besties, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, along with Kylie’s beau Tyga, Hailey is back in New York City. During their tropical getaway, the group indulged in luxury activities such as partying on a yacht, zip lining, and lounging by the pool at entrepreneur Joe Francis’ lavish beachfront property. No doubt, Mr. Francis was thrilled to have the young ladies over for some fun in the sun at his exquisite estate.

Cheeky girl: Her EXPRESS EXP Core Performance trousers showcased her delightful derriere

The playful young lady’s performance leggings, named EXPRESS EXP Core, highlighted her charming backside.

An impressive sight: The fantastic support of her sports bra was plain for all to see

It was quite a sight to behold: the marvelous assistance provided by her athletic bra was clearly visible.

The sidewalk is her catwalk: And she was certainly giving her fellow pedestrians something to smile about

As she strolled down the sidewalk, she owned it like a runway. Her confident strides and charming demeanor brought joy to those around her. She was a walking masterpiece that everyone couldn’t help but admire.

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