“Demi Lovato Rocks Sheer Style with Black Mesh Top and Acid-Washed Denim Shorts at iHeartRadio Concert”

Demi Lovato was not afraid to showcase her vocal talents and fashion choices during her second iHeartRadio concert on Saturday. Instead of sticking to her previous all-black attire from the night before in Las Vegas, the 23-year-old singer decided to embrace a more summery look made up of multiple fabrics. Her outfit for the iHeartRadio Music Festival Daytime Village featured a unique combination of black mesh, acid-washed denim shorts, and futuristic white leather. Check out the video below to see Demi’s performance and style!

Star on the stage: Demi Lovato performed Saturday at the iHeartRadio Music Festival Daytime Village in Las Vegas, Nevada

Demi Lovato took the stage by storm at the iHeartRadio Music Festival Daytime Village in Las Vegas, Nevada last Saturday. The talented singer allowed her black hair to flow freely, giving her a slightly wild look. Her eyebrows were perfectly shaped and accentuated with heavy mascara and eyeliner. Demi opted for a natural makeup look, except for her lips, which sported a subtle coral pink hue. For her top, she chose a tight-fitting black mesh sleeveless shirt, revealing her black bra through the see-through fabric. Demi looked stunning and confident as she captivated the audience with her mesmerizing performance.

Wild look: With her loose hair and funky white jacket, Demi had an interesting and edgy look

Demi had a unique and daring appearance with her untamed locks and stylish white jacket.

See-through: For a top, Demi had an unusual shirt made of black mesh that revealed a black bra underneath

See-through: For a top, Demi had an unusual shirt made of black mesh that revealed a black bra underneath

Transparent: Demi was sporting an unconventional top that was crafted from black mesh, resulting in a see-through design that showcased her black bra underneath.

Retro touch: Acid-washed black denim was the fabric used on the snugly fitting shorts Demi wore over mesh tights

Demi rocked a retro vibe with her fashion choice, sporting a pair of acid-washed black denim shorts that fit snugly over a pair of mesh tights. To match, she wore black mesh that covered her toned legs. The black-and-white denim shorts hugged her waist and ended just above her upper thigh. Completing the ensemble was an unusual white leather half-jacket that matched her white high-heeled sandals. For added flair, Demi accessorized with earrings, rings, and multiple tattoos.

Second show: Demi had performed for the iHeartRadio festival the night before as well

Demi Lovato had taken the stage the previous night at the iHeartRadio festival for her second show.

Demi made her second appearance at the renowned music festival, where she had performed a few tracks the previous night. The event boasted an impressive lineup of musicians, including Kanye West, Sam Smith, Jason Derulo, and Chris Martin. During her set, Demi brought out a surprise guest – Stephan Jenkins, the lead vocalist of Third Eye Blind – to perform his hit single, Jumper, alongside her.

All-star lineup: Others participating in the festival have included Kanye West, Sam Smith, Jason Derulo, and Chris Martin

The festival boasts of a stellar roster of performers, which includes big names such as Kanye West, Sam Smith, Jason Derulo, and Chris Martin.

New music: During her shows, Demi performed her two new singles, Cool For The Summer and Confident

Demi Lovato has been treating her fans with new tunes at her recent shows. Her latest singles, namely Cool For The Summer and Confident, have been the highlight of her performances. This is an exciting phase for Demi as she just released Confident last Friday, which has been gaining popularity since its release. Her album, also named Confident, is scheduled to come out on October 16th. In a recent interview with Billboard, Demi expressed her satisfaction with the collection of music in her album as it portrays her confidence.

Improved attitude: Reflecting the album's title, Confident, Demi has insisted she was not 'afraid' to speak her mind in the new music

Demi Lovato’s latest album, Confident, reflects her improved attitude and the singer is proud of the new music as she was not hesitant to speak her mind. Demi claims that she has added some attitude in her latest album and is delighted to be able to say what she wants. Demi also revealed that she wants to inspire everyone with her music, especially women, as she aims to empower them. Although she made the music for herself, she is excited to share it with others.

Coming soon: Although the second single off the album dropped on Friday, Demi's new album will not be released until October 16

Upcoming: Even though Demi’s latest single was released last Friday, her upcoming album won’t hit the market until October 16th.

Day into night: Later on the songstress posed alongside PDiddy and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama

As the day turned into night, the talented singer was spotted taking a photo with PDiddy and her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.

Pals: The couple bumped into Hailee Steinfeld backstage

Friends: The duo ran into Hailee Steinfeld while backstage.

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