“Demi Lovato pays tribute to Bruce Jenner with a heartfelt performance on her world tour while sharing stunning Instagram post”

During her recent performance in Auckland, New Zealand, Demi Lovato paid tribute to Bruce Jenner by dedicating her song Warrior to him. The 22-year-old singer referred to the former Olympian as a ‘hero’ following his announcement that he identifies as a woman during an emotional interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday. Demi shared her admiration for Bruce and referred to him as an even bigger hero after his revelation. She dedicated her song with enthusiasm and humor, acknowledging that it may be perceived as cheesy but emphasizing her appreciation toward Bruce’s bravery. In addition to her heartfelt dedication, Demi also shared a Sexy backstage snap on Instagram.

More than meets the eye? Demi Lovato shared a Sєxy Instagram snap on Sunday while admitting she 'may or may not look that ripped in real life'

Demi has been traveling all over the world for her Demi World Tour since September 6, 2014, beginning in Baltimore. In a Youtube video captured on Sunday, she openly praised Bruce, expressing her admiration for his honesty and openness in sharing his story. This was unexpected, as she never thought she would dedicate a song to him.

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Whether or not you share the same beliefs, it cannot be denied that Bruce Jenner has made a significant impact on society. He has helped to save countless lives and has increased awareness and understanding about transitioning and being transgender. With his recent announcement on national television, it is clear that he is committed to living as his true self. Let us take a moment to honor and appreciate Bruce Jenner for his courageous actions.

Demi Lovato solta a voz em duas performances ao vivo de 'Cool For The Summer' | UCSfm

According to Bruce, his brain is more inclined towards femininity rather than masculinity, indicating his true soul. He expressed that living as Bruce seems like a deception to him, and he cannot continue with this identity anymore. In the interview, Bruce also revealed that he has been taking female hormones and intends to undergo a complete transformation into a woman.

Wowing the crowd: The 22-year-old shared this image of her on stage on Thursday

During an interview, Bruce revealed that he identifies himself as ‘her’ but did not specify a name. He expressed his comfort in using male pronouns ‘he’ and ‘him’ which is a crucial matter in the transgender community. It is believed that individuals should be addressed by the pronouns that they choose to associate themselves with. Demi Lovato also showed her support for Bruce on the night of his interview by tweeting “f**kyeahbrucejenner”. She acknowledged his bravery and added that he will save lives by sharing his story. Demi is scheduled to perform in Singapore on Monday.

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