“Demi Lovato flaunts her curves in a stylish bikini top while promoting new album and lauding Selena Gomez’s strength”

Demi Lovato is all set to release her latest album towards the end of this month. Recently, she performed at a private event for Spotify where she not only showcased her new music but also flaunted her well-endowed figure in a revealing bra top. The 25-year-old singer enthralled the audience with her latest hits at RVCC in Los Angeles. Watch the video below for more.

Bra-vo! Demi Lovato was revealing more than just her new music, as she performed at a private event for Spotify on Friday

Demi Lovato wowed the audience not just with her music but also with her outfit during a private performance for Spotify last Friday. The famous singer flaunted her toned abs in a revealing top paired with high-waisted denim jeans and a cream jacket. She shared some stunning photos on Instagram after the event, showing off her dark hair and vampish style.

Flashing flesh: The 25-year-old singer put on a busty display in a skimpy bra top, as she belted out her latest hits, at RVCC in Los Angeles

The young vocalist, aged 25, showcased ample cleavage in a revealing bra top while performing her newest songs at RVCC in Los Angeles.

Toned: The former Disney star flaunted the flesh in her outfit, which revealed her flat tummy

In her attire, the ex-Disney celebrity proudly showed off her body, particularly her toned stomach.

Demi, whose album Tell Me You Love Me is set to release on September 29, appeared absolutely stunning in a leather dress with a plunging neckline. The outfit was form-fitting and accentuated every inch of her gorgeous figure. Her makeup was expertly applied, featuring a sultry smokey eye and well-defined cheekbones.

Sexy: The dark-haired stunner also shared a series of vampish photos with Instagram followers

Sultry: The attractive individual with dark hair also posted a collection of seductive pictures on Instagram for their followers to enjoy.

Busty display: Demi - who releases Tell Me You Love Me on September 29 - looks sizzling in a plunging leather dress

Demi, who is set to release her album “Tell Me You Love Me” on September 29th, was spotted in a sexy leather dress that showcased her ample assets.

Sofa so good: She looked smoking hot as she showcased her stunning figure, in the form fitting outfit, which clung to every curve

Looking absolutely gorgeous in a tight-fitting outfit that accentuated her every curve, Demi confidently stood before the camera, exuding a certain allure that was hard to ignore. Her glossy locks cascaded down her shoulders in seductive waves, while her tattoos peeked through her ensemble. Sporting sharp black nails, resting on her hips, Demi looked like she meant business. At the event, she expressed how immensely proud she was of her friend Selena Gomez for bravely powering through her recent kidney transplant.

Top of the crops: She added a white cream jacket and high waist denim jeans

The cream of the crop: She paired up high waist denim jeans with a stunning white cream jacket.

Stage queen: She performed at the private event which was for superfans of the singer

The queen of the stage recently put on a show for a select group of die-hard fans of the famous singer, Demi. Demi herself shared a behind-the-scenes video on Snapchat, capturing some fun moments posing for the camera. Speaking to People, Demi expressed her admiration for her childhood friend and fellow Disney Channel star, Selena, calling her a strong woman. Selena, who recently disclosed that she underwent a kidney transplant over the summer, has been friends with Demi since they were young actors on Barney & Friends. Demi is thrilled to see Selena doing well and couldn’t be more proud of her.

Supportive friend: Demi - shared a BTS Snapchat posing it up for the camera - and told People on Friday: 'I think that she [Gomez] is a very strong woman' 

My friend Demi recently showed me a BTS Snapchat of Selena Gomez striking a pose for the camera. Demi also shared her thoughts with People, expressing admiration for Gomez’s strength as a woman.

'I¿m very happy and proud of her,' she said of Selena Gomez - who has undergone a kidney transplant - and they have been pals since they were children on Barney & Friends

She expressed her joy and pride towards Selena Gomez, her childhood friend from the show Barney & Friends. Selena recently underwent a kidney transplant, which made her feel even more happy and proud of her.

Selfie action: Demi posed up a storm for her Sanpchat

Demi captured numerous selfies for her Snapchat account.

Looking good: She shared the images still in her outfit 

Appearing fabulous: She posted pictures while still wearing her attire.

Hit maker: The star also posted an Instagram story of the Spotify event

The celebrity shared on social media an Instagram story featuring the Spotify occasion.

New music: She is promoting her new album, which is due out on September 29

A fresh tune is on the way! The songstress is currently hyping up her upcoming album, set to be released on September 29. The singer recently posted on Instagram while lying in a hospital bed and explained to her followers that she had been keeping a low profile over the summer. She reassured fans that the reason behind her silence was due to her undergoing a kidney transplant as a result of her Lupus. The starlet stated that it was necessary for the sake of her wellness and expressed gratitude towards her dear friend Francia Raisa who generously donated her kidney.

Candid: Selena needed a kidney transplant due to lupus, an autoimmune disease; her best friend Francia Raisa donated her kidney to her

Frank: Selena had to undergo a kidney transplant as she was diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune condition. Fortunately, her close pal Francia Raisa selflessly donated her kidney to Selena.

Not holding back: Prior to the transplant, The Heart Wants Want It Wants singer 'was feeling really lethargic and worn out'; the star posted another view of her recovery

Without holding back, Selena Gomez revealed that she was experiencing extreme tiredness and fatigue before her kidney transplant. The Heart Wants What It Wants singer expressed her gratitude towards her friend Francia Raisa for giving her the ultimate gift by donating her kidney to her. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes inflammation as the immune system attacks healthy tissues instead of harmful viruses and bacteria. In a heartfelt post, Selena thanked Francia and expressed her love and blessings towards her.

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