“Demi Lovato flaunts her curves in a sizzling swimsuit while enjoying quality time with boyfriend Jutes on social media”

On Monday, Demi Lovato shared some stunning photos on Instagram, showcasing her swimsuit and flawless skin. In the first picture, she posed lying down on her stomach, revealing her cleavage and glowing complexion. The second image featured the Grammy-nominated singer performing on stage, with green lights adding a touch of drama to the shot. Finally, Lovato uploaded a photo of herself and her boyfriend, Jutes, sharing a joyful moment over dinner. The couple has been together since August 2022, and Jutes made their relationship public by posting a heartfelt message for Lovato’s 30th birthday on Instagram.

Summer time: Demi Lovato wowed in a swimsuit in a sizzling montage of snaps on Monday

As the warm season sets in, Demi Lovato impressed her fans with a series of stunning pictures in swimwear on Monday. The singer looked incredible in the snapshots that left her followers in awe.

Couple goals: The third image was a photo of herself and her boyfriend, Canadian musician Jutes, smiling as the two dined

Demi Lovato shared a series of photos on her Instagram account, including a picture of herself and her Canadian musician boyfriend Jutes enjoying a meal together, captioned with “Summa summa summa time”. In another image, Lovato was seen getting her hair and makeup done while working on a project, wearing a tie-dye patterned bathrobe. The singer had recently expressed her desire to create an adult version of the third Camp Rock movie, but she believes that too much time has passed since the release of the second film. Lovato has been dating Jutes for about a year, and she took to her Instagram Stories to put an end to the rumors of their engagement, emphasizing that she would announce it herself if it were true.

Pool Time: In this sexy swimsuit selfie, the 30-year-old once again showed off her cleavage, this time doing so while sitting up and donning a pair of black sunglasses

Chilling by the Pool: The 30-year-old flaunted her assets in a sizzling swimsuit selfie. This time, she sat up and rocked a pair of stylish black sunglasses.

BTS: Lovato covered herself up with a tie-dye patterned bathrobe as she was getting her hair and makeup done

While preparing for her hair and makeup, Lovato donned a bathrobe that featured a colorful tie-dye design. The outfit choice helped to keep her covered up and comfortable during the process. This BTS moment showcased Lovato’s laid-back and stylish fashion sense.

Friendly selfie: Another photo was a selfie that Lovato  took with her friend, actor Matthew Scott Montgomery

Lovato snapped a casual selfie with her buddy, Matthew Scott Montgomery, which showed off their friendship.

Dinner with friends: Lovato smiled while going out to eat with her friends, Byron Gamble (right) and Susie (left)

Lovato had a big grin on her face as she headed out to have dinner with her buddies, Susie and Byron Gamble. Susie was on her left while Byron was on her right.

To avoid any misunderstandings about her relationship, the singer expressed her love for her partner in a very affectionate way. She proclaimed that she is still infatuated with him and declared that Jutes is her most beloved person and boyfriend.

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