“Bieber’s Love Cruise: Hailey Flaunts Floral Bikini While Justin Goes Shirtless on Romantic Mexican Voyage”

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Bieber enjoyed a romantic getaway on a yacht near Cabo San Lucas. The couple was captured cuddling and displaying their affection for each other. Hailey looked stunning in a floral bikini, while Justin flaunted his tattoos with purple trunks.

Making a splash! Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey put on a loved-up display during a fun-filled day off the coast of Cabo San Lucas

Justin Bieber and his spouse Hailey spent a delightful day together off the shore of Cabo San Lucas. The duo was caught on camera showing affection towards each other, holding hands and playing around while standing at the edge of the boat. Hailey playfully pulled Justin’s arm as he stood at the end of the vessel, which made him smile. Hailey looked stunning in a tiny floral bikini that showcased her model-like figure impeccably. It was an enjoyable day for the couple who seemed to be having a great time!

Flower power! The model put her catwalk physique on full display in an itty bitty pink bikini decked out in colorful flowers

Let’s talk about flower power! The gorgeous model flaunted her runway-ready body in a tiny pink bikini adorned with vibrant floral patterns.

Ab fab: She showed off her slender physique as she basked on El Discovery

Tatt's cool: She showed off two delicate hip tattoos

Looking fabulous: Flaunting her toned figure, she soaked up the sun on El Discovery.

H2-Whoa! Hailey playfully tugged at Justin's arm, much to his amusement

Wow! Hailey pulled Justin’s arm playfully, making him chuckle. She wore a hot pink ‘Montauk’ cap on her damp hair and added some glitz with gold hoop earrings and a perfectly polished manicure. They also went snorkeling together, enjoying each other’s company as always.

Cheeky! Hailey's skimpy bikini bottoms put her perky backside on full display

How bold! Hailey’s revealing bikini briefs showcased her pert derriere completely.

What lies beneath: Justin grinned as he gazed towards the water whilst grasping Hailey's hand

As Justin held hands with Hailey, he looked down into the water with a smile on his face, curious about what secrets lay hidden beneath the surface.

Hubba hubba! Bieber put his many tattoos and toned abs on display

Life is good! The pop star appeared in high spirits exploring the high seas

Wowza! Bieber showcased his numerous tattoos and ripped abs for all to see.

Taking the plunge! Bieber and his lady love were in for a snorkeling adventure

Ready for an underwater adventure! Justin Bieber and his beloved wife decided to go snorkeling. With his snorkel gear on, Justin dived into the water while Hailey followed closely behind. After a few minutes, Justin resurfaced, removing the mask from his face. Meanwhile, Hailey slowly made her way to the edge of the boat, donning her snorkel gear.

The water's fine! The hit-maker waited for his leading lady to join him in the water

Come on in, the water feels great! The popular artist lingered in the water, anticipating the arrival of his female co-star to join him for a dip.

Loved-up: The duo shared a tender embrace beneath the sunshine

Romantic: The couple affectionately hugged each other while basking in the warm sunlight.

With their furry passenger! The couple brought along their dog Oscar

The duo had a four-legged companion in tow as they embarked on their journey – their beloved pup named Oscar.

Fun in the sun! The model beamed towards her husband as she sat on the floor, digging through a paper bag

The sun was shining and the model couldn’t help but smile at her husband while rummaging through a bag on the floor. Accompanying them was their beloved Yorkie, Oscar, who cuddled with Hailey as they enjoyed the warmth on the boat deck. Currently, the couple is savoring their time in Mexico as Justin has two shows lined up. It’s been a few years since the pair tied the knot, with the first ceremony taking place at a courthouse in New York City before a more elaborate celebration surrounded by loved ones a year later.

Sizzling display: Bieber put his many tattoos on display in his trunks while Hailey showcased her flat abs

Hello petal! The model put her stunning body on display

Bieber flaunted his numerous tattoos in his swim trunks, while Hailey revealed her toned abdomen in a stunning display.

Bikini babe: Hailey sizzled in her summery swimsuit

Hailey looked stunning in her brightly-colored bikini, perfectly suited for the warm weather.

Love life: Justin and Hailey rekindled their romance in 2018 and became engaged just months later

Justin and Hailey reignited their romantic relationship in 2018 and got engaged just a few months later. Earlier this year, Hailey opened up about her plans for having children, stating that she wasn’t in a rush to start a family. In an interview with WSJ. Magazine published in February, she mentioned that they would ideally try to have children in the next couple of years, but acknowledged that it can be a long process. She also emphasized that she wants to achieve more in her business before starting a family. Hailey explained that she used to believe in the traditional sequence of events – love, marriage, then a baby – but as she turned 25, she realized that she still has time to pursue her goals.

Making a splash! Bieber dipped her toes into the ocean blue

Bieber decided to take a refreshing dip in the turquoise ocean water, playfully dipping her toes into the waves.

Music maker! Bieber had a tour stop in Mexico on May 26 and May 28

Music maker! Bieber had a tour stop in Mexico on May 26 and May 28

As a musician, Justin Bieber recently performed in Mexico on two consecutive dates, May 26 and May 28.

Sun-kissed: The couple relaxed on the deck of their stylish boat

Basking in the sun’s warmth, the pair unwound on the sleek deck of their fashionable vessel.

BFFs! The model held her pooch close as she relaxed by her beau, who propped a towel over his head

Best friends forever! The model cuddled her furry friend while enjoying a chill time with her partner, who covered himself with a towel.

Family matters: 'I think ideally in the next couple of years we would try. But there's a reason they call it try, right?' she told the WSJ. Magazine of having children

When it comes to starting a family, the individual being interviewed stated that they believe it would be ideal to try within the next few years. However, they also acknowledge that even with trying, there is no guarantee of conception.

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