“20 Years of Jennifer Aniston’s Braless Style: A Tribute to Confidence and Comfort”

Jennifer Aniston is known for two things: her perky appearance and her prominent nipples. Her bra-less appearance at the Cake premiere only confirmed this fact. Since first bursting onto our screens in Friends 20 years ago, the bra-swerving star has been making a point with her prominent nipples. In fact, they are so notorious, they even have their own Facebook page.

Fans often inquire whether the 45-year-old is permanently cold. Chat shows how host Chelsea Handler felt the need to raise the thorny subject with her close pal when she appeared on the show in 2012. Chelsea joked: “When Jen comes on the show, there’s always something where her nipples are very, very pronounced. “Not today, I can’t see them today, oh actually I can.” Red-faced Jen replied: ‘Oh jeez,’ before covering her breasts with her hands. In celebration of Jennifer’s famous anatomy, we have compiled a gallery of poke-y pics.


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